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View the Big Data Developer Toolkit for more advanced technical resources for developers.

Big Data Two-Minute Overview Video
With the high volume, variety, and velocity of data, you need a solution that lets you gain actionable insights from your big data, accelerating the success of you and your business. Pentaho simplifies and shortens the entire big data analytics lifecycle - from preparing and modeling, visualizing and exploring, through to discovery and prediction. Watch now to learn more.
Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimization w/ Hadoop Big Data
With exploding data volumes, increasing costs of the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), and a raising demand for high-performance analytics, companies have no choice but to reduce the strain on their data warehouse and leverage Hadoop’s economies of scale for data processing.
Getting Started & Successful with Big Data
In the second webinar of this four-part series, hear speakers from Dell and Pentaho discuss best practices when dealing with Hadoop clusters and how this fits into your big data architecture.
Reducing the Implementation Efforts of Hadoop, NoSQL and Analytical Databases
It’s easy to put a working script together as part of an R&D project, but it’s not cost effective to maintain it throughout an ever building stream of user change requests, system and product updates.
Data Warehouse Optimization w/ Hadoop – Cloudera
This demo describes how Cloudera and Pentaho together enable organizations to optimize existing data warehouse environments, simplify the processing of Big Data for analytic purposes, and visualize the results in ways that are easy to understand and consume.
Data Warehouse Optimization w/ Hadoop – Apache Hadoop
This demo describes how Apache Hadoop and Pentaho together enable organizations to optimize existing data warehouse environments, simplify the processing of Big Data for analytic purposes, and visualize the results in ways that are easy to understand and consume.
Reporting, Visualization and Predictive from Hadoop
While unlocking value trapped in large, unstructured and semi-structured data sources is the first step of a big data project, the next step is to begin to analyze that data and proactively identify new opportunities that will grow your bottom-line. Watch the fourth on-demand webinar in the series to learn how to deliver data for everything from state-of-the-art reporting and visualization to predictive analytics.
Pentaho Real-Time Visualizations
Watch this video to see visualization of real time data in action.
Pentaho Predictive Analytics - Device Data Basics
Watch this video to learn how Pentaho is working to automate the process of capacity planning and device data with predictive analytics.
Adaptive Big Data Layer Video
Watch this video and learn how Pentaho allows you to plug into new Hadoop distributions, versions, capabilities and other big data stores.
Pentaho Business Analytics Tour
This four-part video tour demos Pentaho’s functionality including data integration, visualizations, reporting and dashboards, and storing data in big data solutions like Hadoop, NoSQL and analytic databases.
Real-Time Big Data Analytics: Emerging Architecture
This ebook, written by Mike Barlow, award-winning journalist, examines what real-time analytics means, what an architecture for a real-time data stack looks like, and what the different phases of real-time are - from data distillation to model refresh.
TravelTainment Improves Customer Satisfaction with Pentaho’s Big Data Solution
Watch TravelTainment’s Director of Data Warehouse Ibrahim Husseini discuss why the company chose Pentaho to help them work with big data sets and how the decision improved customer satisfaction.
Delivering World-Class Big Data Analytics with MongoDB and Pentaho
Watch this on-demand webinar recording to learn about the first complete MongoDB-based big data analytics solution.
Pentaho Instaview
Instaview, Pentaho’s big data analytics application, dramatically reduces the time required for data analysts and scientists to discover, visualize and explore large volumes of diverse data.
Pentaho Instaview Video
Watch how Pentaho Instaview simplifies big data analytics for data analysts and less technical users by reducing the time it takes to prepare, visualize and explore big data.
The Challenge of Big Data Analytics
Watch this espresso shot demo to learn about the challenges of successfully deploying big data analytics within enterprises.
Mastering Digital Measurement - The Tools You Need to Get it Right
Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Pentaho, Infobright and Semphonic have partnered to deliver powerful analytics leading to improved marketing programs.
Overview of Pentaho Business Analytics
See a short overview of the business analytics capabilities in Pentaho.
Pentaho 4.8: Mobile and Big Data Go Instant and Interactive
Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Pentaho 4.8 helps businesses meet the challenge of accessing and analyzing a growing landslide of data flowing into their organizations and make decisions from anywhere.
Accelerating Analysis in a Big Data Environment
Watch this video to see an overview of Pentaho’s leading big data solution and an interesting use case demo.
Armed with Series C Funding and a BI Stack Refresh, Pentaho Ups Big Data Commitment
This report reveals an analyst’s perspective on Pentaho 4.8, including Pentaho Mobile and Instaview, big data becoming a key focus and the plans for recent series C funding.
Pentaho Visual MapReduce: Boosting Hadoop Development Productivity
Watch how Pentaho Visual MapReduce boosts Hadoop development productivity without the need for custom coding.
Hadoop Analytics: Taming the Elephant to Save Time, Money and Frustration
See how to easily implement Hadoop analytics with Pentaho to save significant time, money and frustrations.
Pentaho Big Data Integration: Maximizing Hadoop Analytics Performance
Watch how Pentaho big data integration maximizes Hadoop analytics performance.
Ventana Research 2012 Value Index for Data Integration
This independent data integration vendor comparison guide is helpful in evaluating data integration software offerings more rapidly and accurately to make better purchasing decisions.
Pentaho Visual Job Orchestration: Simplifying Hadoop Job Assembly
See how Pentaho visual job orchestration can simplify Hadoop job assembly.
Solving the Big Data Integration Challenge: From 30 Days to 30 Minutes with Hadoop
Watch this overview video to learn how to overcome one of the biggest challenges in realizing value from big data: big data integration.
Pentaho Hadoop Analytics Demo
See how to use Pentaho's complete solution for delivering high productivity and high performance Hadoop data management and how to effectively connect Hadoop to the rest of your organization's data fabric.
Big Data Analytics for NoSQL Databases Using Pentaho
Watch to see a demo of Pentaho Business Analytics for NoSQL databases and how Pentaho provides the fastest path to big data value.
Pentaho for High Performance Analytic Databases
Watch this video to see how Pentaho's complete solution for data integration and anlytics for analytic databases helps companies quickly realize value from big data.
Travian Games Customer Reference Video
Keynote speaker at the Big Data Analytics Conference, Carston Bomsdorf explains why Travian Games selected Pentaho as their Data Analytics provider.
Davy Nys, VP EMEA & APAC at Pentaho, Discusses Big Data Implications and Solutions
In this interview at the London IDC Conference, Pentaho’s Davy Nys discusses data integration, how customers are analyzing clickstream data and Pentaho’s unique big data capabilities.
Pentaho Instaview Telecom Use Case Demo
This short Instaview use case demo shows how a telecom analyst can use Instaview to find the best business opportunities in other geographies and regions.
Pentaho MapReduce: A Major League Baseball Use Case
Watch this Major League Baseball use case video to see how Pentaho MapReduce simplifies development of MapReduce jobs.
Delivering Visual Big Data Analytics with Pentaho, DataStax and Apache Cassandra
Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about the first complete Cassandra-based big data analytics solution in the market. The solution combines the highly scalable, low-latency performance of Cassandra with Kettle’s visual interface for high-performance data integration, as well as integrated reporting, visualization and interactive analysis capabilities.
Big Data Web Analytics: Everything you Know about Digital Measurement is Wrong…and What to Do About It
This whitepaper is an excellent primer for the C-level and marketing executives on digital measurement. Read to learn why the key to successful web analytics is presenting information in a visual and interactive model that drives deeper business understanding.
Shareable Ink Gains a Competitive Edge with Pentaho Big Data
Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Shareable Ink, an enterprise cloud computing provider that transforms paper documentation to structured data, integrated Pentaho’s enterprise-level solution to help create an innovative big data analytics platform for healthcare.
Using Hadoop Analytics to Gain a Big Data Advantage
Watch this on-demand webinar to hear how advances in big data technologies are making it faster and easier to deploy innovative solutions to manage mass amounts of data.
Using Geo-Mapping for Location-Based Visual Analysis
Watch this video to see a short demo of the new geo-mapping interactive visualization capabilities available in Pentaho Business Analytics.
Pentaho Business Analytics - Visualize, Integrate and Explore
View this on-demand webinar see the new Pentaho Business Analytics features in action – including enhanced visualizations and expanded access to big data sources.
Pentaho for Big Data Data Sheet
From data preparation to predictive analytics, Pentaho's complete big data analytics solution accelerates the realization of value from big data.
Using Scatterplots to Reveal Patterns
Watch this video to see the interactive scatterplot visualization capabilities in Pentaho Business Analytics.
Recent Pentaho Big Data News, Future Plans & Where Big Data is Headed
See Pentaho Chief Technology Evangelist Ian Fyfe discuss Pentaho’’s recent big data news, our plans for the future and where we think big data is headed in this interview at the 2012 Strata Conference.
Embracing Big Data with Pentaho & 451 Research
Watch this on-demand webinar to learn why big data is important and how to choose the right tool for the job.
Establish Insight and Knowledge with Big Data and Business Analytics Podcast
In this podcast, Global Enterprise Technology Management interviews Davy Nys, the VP of EMEA and APAC at Pentaho, about big data and the role that Pentaho plays in helping companies manage big data.
Pentaho Business Analytics Brings Visual Discovery and More Big Data Support
Read this analyst point of view about how Pentaho Business Analytics 4.5 includes new visualizations and support for big data and how these new features help business users and IT work together.
Pentaho Delivers High-Performance Big Data Configurations using Cisco Unified Computing System
Read this whitepaper to learn how Pentaho and Cisco provide companies with a Big Data Platform that expedites the implementation of end-to-end big data analytic solutions.
Hadoop Series Part 1: Big Data Architecture
In the first video of this series, Pentaho Co-Founder and CTO James Dixon reviews the types of data, common big data scenarios, and the architecture behind big data.
The Challenges of Reporting & Visualizing Big Data
Watch Pentaho Co-Founder James Dixon discuss these challenges at the Strata 2012 Big Data Camp networking event.
Big Data Analytics: Profiling the Use of Analytical Platforms in User Organizations
This research report, written by Wayne Eckerson, Director of Research, Business Applications and Architecture Group at TechTarget, provides a blueprint for establishing a big data analytics solution.
Hadoop Series Part 2: Hadoop and Business Intelligence
In the second video of this series, Pentaho’s James Dixon reviews the basics of Hadoop and how well it can meet the needs of business intelligence projects.
Visualizing Data with Heat Grids
This video provides a short demo of the heat grid interactive visualization capabilities available in Pentaho Business Analytics.
Strata 2012 Interview of Pentaho Co-Founder/CTO James Dixon
James Dixon, Co-Founder and CTO at Pentaho, highlights his observations of the attendees’ range of interest at the 2012 Strata Conference.
Hadoop Series Part 3: Pentaho and Hadoop Overview
Watch the third video in this Hadoop series to hear James Dixon describe how Pentaho Data Integration is integrated with Hadoop in a number of different areas.
Beyond Hadoop: Why Big Data is Not Just Hadoop
Watch this webinar to see how working with big data is much more than just Hadoop. Most early Hadoop adopters are turning to an analytic database, such as Greenplum, Vertica or Teradata's Aster Data, to provide the low latency data access.
Using Device Data to Generate Real Value
Learn how to combine device data analytics with new or existing data sets to exceed business goals.
Pentaho Kettle: Open Sourcing of High Productivity Visual Big Data Capabilities
Big data capabilities are now freely available under the Apache open source license in the new Pentaho Kettle 4.3 release. The new functionality enables native integration with each big data platform and delivers up to a 10x boost in productivity for developers through visual tools that reduce or eliminate the need to write code, making big data environments usable by a much broader spectrum of developers, analysts and data scientists.
Hadoop Series Part 4: Pentaho and Hadoop Demo
Watch this video to see Pentaho's James Dixon give a demo of the integration between Pentaho Data Integration and Hadoop.
Análisis Predictivo con Pentaho Data Mining
Descargue este seminario en web para aprender como Pentaho podrá ayudarle a hacer predicciones, encontrar correlaciones, asociaciones o patrones entre sus datos usando métodos estadísticos sencillos o avanzados como parte de un proceso de Minería de Datos.
Accelerating Analysis in a Big Data Environment (Part 1)
Watch this video to see how a data analyst at a Telecommunications company solves everyday challenges using Pentaho.
Optimizing the Data Warehouse with Hadoop – Exclusive webinar for Federal Government Agencies
Learn how using Hadoop to optimize the EDW gives IT professionals processing power, advanced archiving and the ability to easily add new data sources.
Accelerating Analysis in a Big Data Environment (Part 2)
In part two of this series, learn how a developer in a Telecommunications company uses Pentaho to prepare a set of data with the Hadoop cluster and then automate the analysis for future research.
Hadoop Series Part 5: Big Data and Data Warehouses
In the final video of this series, James Dixon discusses big data and data warehousing and how the technologies work together.
Pentaho Business Analytics for Hadoop, NoSQL, Analytic Databases and OLTP Databases
Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about Pentaho’s major expansion of native big data sources, including the latest Hadoop distributions, NoSQL sources, as well as native support for many analytic databases and traditional OLTP databases.
The Cube - 2012 Strata Conference, Pentaho's Ian Fyfe with John Furrier and Dave Vellante
Watch this video to learn how Pentaho is becoming the mechanism to connect transactional RDBMS databases, high-performance analytics databases, NoSQL databases and big data systems.
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