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Pentaho for Apache Cassandra and DataStax


Until now organizations have not been able to use existing business analytics products with NoSQL databases such as Cassandra. Pentaho and DataStax are changing that by offering the first Apache Cassandra-based big data analytics solution for enterprises.

DataStax is the company behind DataStax Enterprise, a big data management system that combines the performance of Cassandra with analytics powered by Apache Hadoop and enterprise search powered by Apache Solr.

This combined big data analytics platform combines the continuous availability and extreme scalability of Cassandra with Pentaho’s visual interfaces for data ingestion, manipulation and integration, as well as data visualization, exploration and predictive analytics. This eases the process for developers, data scientists and business analysts to integrate and analyze both big data and traditional data sources. Pentaho and DataStax also offer commercial open source products, which include advanced features, software maintenance, quality assurance, technical support, professional services and training.

Download the software, see the resources and recordings, and read the press release.

Benefits for Cassandra Users

  • Complete business analytics suite – Business Analytics provides a complete end-to-end analytics suite that includes visual data ingestion, extraction and manipulation, data discovery (connect, report, visualize, dashboard, analyze) and predictive analytics (scoring and forecasting).
  • Operational capabilities for Cassandra – With Pentaho, Cassandra and DataStax users have an integrated visual environment to manage, report, visualize and explore big data. Pentaho’s visual interface enables up to a ten-fold productivity improvement for developing and managing big data analytics solutions.
  • Broader audience for Cassandra – Pentaho and DataStax extend Apache Cassandra to a larger audience of IT staff, developers, data scientists and other technologists. Previously these users had access only to traditional relational databases or analytic databases. Now, developers can easily leverage the power of DataStax Enterprise, DataStax Community and Apache Cassandra through the simple analytic framework of Pentaho.
  • Time to Value – DataStax and Apache Cassandra users can integrate Pentaho as a hub into their existing technology in a clean and visual environment. Using Pentaho, technologists can gain fast insight into their Cassandra data. Pentaho can access Cassandra and DataStax directly as a data source for reports and dashboards, or for integration with data from other sources to achieve a 360-degree view of the business.
  • Integration with other Data Technologies – Through the Pentaho integration, Cassandra and DataStax are woven more tightly into the broader fabric of big data and traditional data sources. Pentaho provides the pipe between all data sources and does so with a visual design environment. Most solutions will require integrating data from multiple sources yet Pentaho provides an easy, dependable and fast way to accomplish this.

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